Recruitment Procedure

Permission from Proctor

On receipt of your requirement, we seek permission from Protector of Emigrants to avoid every possible in discrepancy.


Following this, we advertise nationwide using press media, electronic media and internet. For this purpose, we have appointed M/s Companion Advertising & Marketing.

Interviews & Tests

We short list the applicants and issue calls for interviews and trade tests. We carry out trade tests at our own trade test centers which are fully equipped with latest machinery and the relevant accessories. If our Principals desire we include them or their representatives in the interview panel. The trade tests are conducted under the invigilation of technical expertise.

Introduction of working conditions

In order to update the personnel about working conditions, rules and regulations, climate, law and jurisdiction of the country, we arrange exclusive and special sessions for the candidates. Lectures and important notes are delivered and information is offered through our audio-visual library.

Medical test and inoculation

Changing climate and geographical conditions around the world demand for constant health vigilance. We carry out strict medical checkup at laboratories, hospitals and medical centers approved by the concerned country. After clearance, inoculation is carried out. These preventive measures ensure maximum health and safety assurance by our manpower bureau.

Visa Stamping

We are entirely responsible for the Visa stamping process till the collection of the passport from the Embassy. This is one of the many fool-proof steps aimed at restricting any type of mishap of fake documentation.


The registration of the selected personnel with the Protector of Emigrants is our responsibility. Our staff and representatives work delicately with a spirit of national service and they are our pride assets.

Reservation & Ticketing

We have congenial links with PIA, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Gulf Air and other leading airlines. In fact, we are always in a better position to offer our services to our workers by faster, accurate and prompt reservations and in-time dispatch with a professional touch.


Adnan Malik Enterprises keeps a constant track record through database of the exported manpower. We are always at hand to help. We are at the service of our countrymen. If at all through sheer bad luck, if any of the workers is deported, turns defaulter or is engaged in any controversy with our Principals, we never isolate or desert him at any cost. It is by all means a part of our iob and duty to see that he gets maximum relief/help and we do our best to compensate him.