Welcome to Adnan Malik Enterprises
AM Enterprises has shown progressive growth in their operations over the past several years. The founder of AM (Malik Adnan Abbas) has in depth awareness and knowledge of recruitment and he has been serving the industry for the last 10 years.

Our Mission

The mission of Adnan Malik Enterprises is to guide Employees and Employers to achieve success. Moving to be on the heights of counseling in the countries where we operate, focusing on gaining more unpredictable attractions of expectations of the multiple clients, offering them an ample assortment of human resources to be most reliable HR partner. It puts it's Endeavour in producing dedicated professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills for our industries and society in large.

Our Vision

To get involved in the expectations to be the leading Sources Developing Company, focusing on professional human resources and supplying hand to hand quality human resource services to our partners on either ends. To impart skill based general and technical education to the candidates leading to achieving excellence and achievements in their respective fields and also to prepare Candidates for undertaking their professional duties with competence and confidence.


The recruitment faculty is facilitated in order to provide clients with first-rate dependable and talented manpower. AM judiciously short lists the required candidates with precise reviews and succession of interviews. AM believes in providing only the best and the most perfect candidate to their valued clients for saving a lot of time, energy and money.


The AM has a tactical and strategic recruitment network with qualified recruiting consultants all over the country. Pakistan has large numbers of specialized and vocational institutions in government and private sectors, engaged in training personnel in various fields of trade. Semi skilled and unskilled workers are also available in abundance for general, industrial construction, petro-chemical plants, agriculture and irrigation projects, oil and gas pipelines and maintenance staff. Due to extreme climate, Pakistanis are industrious, strong, well-built and hard working individuals. Their output in much higher compared to other Asian's.


Adnan Malik Enterprises consists of executives, consultants, specialists and experts’ engineers. They are always available to assist you to achieve your needs and compliment your manpower needs. AM is highly motivated to maintain the best employment services for our countrymen. People who are interested in doing jobs abroad are facilitated here as it serves the purpose of bringing foreign exchange to our homeland. We at AM are specialized in overseas recruitment. The selection procedure covers every aspect including academic qualification, relevant working experience, and communication skills. A part from this candidate’s personal disposition such as age, health attitude and personality is minutely scrutinized. AM furnishes opportune and required candidates to the clients.

- Data bank of the most qualified candidates
- Rapid access of qualified candidates
- Verifications of employee background
- Human resource development
- Arrange training programmer
- Also providing skilled / unskilled personnel